Lake Huron is draining away


  • − Why water levels are falling
  • − How we can Stop the Drop
  • − Help make this happen
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Stop the drop

Imagine Georgian Bay with 2 feet less water. You could have done something. Your friend thought you might want to...

It’s Easy to Make a Difference

joined Stop the Drop. It’s a free online community focused on motivating our leaders to take action to bring back normal water levels on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. They thought you might be interested too.

We aim to have 15,000 – 20,000 members by end of summer. Our leaders are already taking notice. We’re well on our way to this goal, but we need your help.

Get Informed

At, you’ll find articles & videos written for the general public that explain what is happening, and what different folks are trying to do about it. For example:

  • “Water Levels 101” explains the basic mechanics of falling water levels
  • “Who is Doing What” describes the different groups involved in trying to make something happen
  • Exclusive video interviews with key players such as Lana Pollack, US Chair of the International Joint Commission (IJC); Gord Walker, Canada’s newest appointee to the IJC; David Miller, former mayor of Toronto, and incoming CEO of WWF Canada; Mayors of Midland, Blue Mountains, etc.

Have Your Voice Heard

When you join, we collect a small amount of information about where & how you use the Lake, and where you vote. Periodically, short surveys help us to paint a clear picture for our leaders of how many lake users care, and how passionately we feel. Make sure that you, your family and friends are included!

The site is free to use. Your private information will be protected and not be shared with anyone. We will not bombard you with lots of emails or try to sell you things.

You Have Nothing to Lose, and Lots to Gain

Lending your voice to costs you nothing. Keeping informed by checking in takes a few minutes, whenever you can afford it. But as we gather 15,000+ members, of all ages and usage types, from Tobermory to Manitoulin, you become part of a large community that can get something done.

Please visit and register today. Too many people say they will, and never get around to it. The Lake and your children will be glad that you did.

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